The Arts

I understand the extraordinary demands and stressors of the creative life because I have lived it.

I draw on that experience in my work with creative people from all disciplines and across the whole spectrum of the arts.

I see vulnerability and openness as creative strengths and recognise the courage it takes to put yourself out there – on the stage, on the canvas, on the screen, on the page – to be judged. I work with you to find and enhance your resilience and self-belief to support and balance those qualities.

When creativity feels weak, frozen, exhausted or stuck we work using a variety of simple yet powerful therapeutic techniques.  These enable you to unearth what you need to restore the Creative Flow, and go on with clarity, inspiration and confidence.

I provide workplace mediation when professional relationships become difficult or conflicted and counselling to help improve those relationships and allow the work to continue.

I consult with arts organisations and related businesses to create tailor made coaching programs to remedy problems, improve performance, implement change, and develop inspired and inspiring leadership.

"Ring the bells that can still ring Forget your perfect offering There's a crack in everything That's how the light gets in" - LEONARD COHEN -

We also work with companies and organisations from the wider world of business that are interested in exploring a more creative approach to the challenges facing them.